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  •   The following are pdf file links with a single issue word search capability (with purchased Adobe software).  Near future data sharing with entities that have a different web software program MAY allow for a "bundle" multiple issue search to occur.  Those partnering links will be supplied here as they occur.
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Finally REALIZE the quality of the digitization's viewed is directly tied to the quality of Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS) 47 microfilm reels received for this project.   IF the digital data retrieved is not adequate for your needs our archives contains over 4,600 hardcopies of mostly Kendrick Gazette's, that spanned a publication period from 1890 to 1998.  They are located in our Research Center on the second floor level of the the Kendrick Fraternal Temple building located at 614 E. Main St. in Kendrick.  The room is open with a request and is a work in progress.  Contact: Sharon Harris, President  (208) 289-4622  25skharris@gmail.com (changed June 2013)

Individual Newspaper File Coding:  Newspaper Name--Volume #--Year--Month--Day

Grouped Newspapers Coding: Town - Time Period - Paper Name

From 2014 UofI Scanning: 1911 Juliaetta Sun Special Edition.pdf -- From the JKHF Research Center data base

THE JULIAETTA SUN_6_1914-11-27.pdf

THE INDEPENDENT_8_1917-03-02.pdf

JULIAETTA RECORD_1_1919-07-03.pdf

JULIAETTA RECORD_6_1924-11-07.pdf

JULIAETTA RECORD_6_1924-12-05.pdf

Juliaetta - 1935-July 12 to 1937-May 6 - Juliaetta Bulletin

 History shows us Who we Were, Who we Are, and Who we may Become.